The Three Stooges and Dementia

My husband talks about how having dementia in our life as it like having a ‘threesome’, and  how the three of us simply have to co-exist! He talks about how it is not an ideal situation as most people know two’s company and three is more often than not a crowd. He said earlier this year, “it’s important to remember that the person he loves is not causing these changes, it is the dementia. And it is not my fault that I have dementia. But that he’s not overly fond of our new lodger!” I liken it to being a bit like having The Three Stooges live in our home!!

10 thoughts on “The Three Stooges and Dementia

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  6. That’s a great ‘analogy’ Kate & Peter …….. and it’s good to be able to ‘name’ it.

    So Peter can say to you in the evening one day “How’s Larry been treating you today?” etc……. I’ve done something like this before …. at least I think I tried because it sounds really familiar ……. I was probably about 11 years ago that I tried it.

    You might like to use it to add humour and make jokes etc …….. you might say that Larry is laughing to hard today that he’s made you really tired etc…. you get the idea……

    Good luck :p-)


    • actually, sometimes it is funny, and we laugh at the ‘three stooges’ or that third person in our family… we have to as the alternative is too awful!! thank you for your love xo


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