Tuesday humour… Is God a woman?

man and woman symbolsLast week I started a theme for Tuesdays, and have decided to stick with it, at least for this week. The theme is humour, and some of the comments last Tuesday reminded me of a true story that suits their theme… some were about the possibility of God being a women, or having a feminine side. When studying Religion in middle school, at Saint Ignatius’ College, a Jesuit Catholic school in Adelaide, my youngest son was asking over dinner one night if I thought God might be a women. They had been discussing notions like this in class, and had been asked to consider it further and to bring ideas back into class the next day.

Of course, I believe that God, if he exists, and if he created man and woman, has to be a man. I said this to my son, and then had to explain why… I responded by saying if he had been a woman, then men would have been the ones who menstruate, as surely there is no way you would give that bodily function to your own sex! It was a glib comment, meant to be humorous rather than one with rational and logical reasoning, but of course, genetics being what they are (!!!), my son decided it was an excellent answer to give in class the next day. That same evening, the religion teacher rang me to tell me about his comment; she had reprimanded him and was concerned by it. I found it difficult not to laugh out loud.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday humour… Is God a woman?

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  2. Just one more reason to home school. Gotta have a sense of humor and allow little ones to explore their world as they see it. Thanks for the humor Kate 🙂 VK


  3. oh dear im laughing away at this blog dear one, how hilarious, i can just imagine the look on the teachers face when charles gave his talk to class, hahahahah good on him, that is so funny, keep up the humour blog tuesdays i will be waiting for more laughs thats for sure, to the moon xxxxxxxx


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