Day 2, AADAC

We have ended our meeting on a high, full of enthusiasm and ideas for the future voice of people with dementia in Australia. This photo was taken today, with the two people I had not noticed were missing for the shot yesterday. There was also one member not able to be here, so in total there are 12 people with dementia from all over Australia representing the 321,000 people in Australia with a diagnosis.


6 thoughts on “Day 2, AADAC

  1. You have strove, perspired, inspired, motivated, encouraged, promoted and now the hard work begins.
    Spend a moment on what has been achieved and then more on to what needs to be done.
    Congratulations to Glenn Rees a man with a great mind, fair heart and strong will. Well done to all the new members of the committee and a message from BUB it is all about you. Never let anyone tell you that it isn’t.
    Love to my amazing wife I am always in awe of you. xxxxx


  2. Hello and congratulations of this first meeting. I too went through this process with my own National Association, only to have it turn into a hollow waste of time. I hope better for you all. Keep me posted and I will do like wise. Thanks for sharing this with me Kate.

    Stand up and speak out!



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