The Cruelity of Dementia

Kay and I have followed each others blogs almost since we started writing, and have been able to offer each other a window into our opposing worlds. It has been informative, sometimes very painful, but most of all, insightful and inspiring. Her blog today covers a very important topic, the reason I wanted to reblog it. Thank you Kay, and sending hugs as always.

Dealing with Dementia

dejavuI have watched as my parents have gotten the same bad bit of news over and over again. It’s like a sinister twist on deja vu.

When we started to get them diagnosed, we were hopeful that the third meeting with the medical team assembled would make a difference. Then, I watched during a 3-hour meeting when my parents got the results of their cognitive mental testing and finally realized that no matter how many times; who the information came from; or how much data was behind it, my parents were unable to receive that they had symptoms of dementia. The conversations were painful to witness.

Some of this was due to their dementia, and some of it I think was due to their united front. Their behavior seemed more like co-dependency, but together, they had managed longer independently than they would have had they been alone. I likened them…

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