Friends for life…

Craig and JacintaI met the young woman in this photo when we were both not quite 17, and this year, we have both turned 55. She is in the photo with the young man who she was engaged to in this photo and married, and they are both my lifelong friends. Jac and I nursed together, and have many funny stories we talk about when we meet up, ranging from false teeth and sterile fallopian tubes to young love, broken hearts, and tales of nursing, dying and delivering babies.

It is wonderful to have friends who are 100% loyal and honest, who are not scared to face the truth with you, no matter what it is. It is incredible to know someone so well, yet to have spent so actual little time together because we live more than a 10 hour drive from each other. Gill who has been with me from the UK the last two weeks reminded me of my time with Jac, where we are sometimes in the same room, or adjoining bedrooms, Facebook chatting to each other, laughing out loud and chatting between the walls.

Dementia, divorce, distance or even possible misunderstandings have not got in the way of this deeply loving and meaningful friendship, and I feel Blessed because of it. Pete and I both love you Jac and Craig… and I’m so glad we are friends. I can hardly wait to see you next weekend. XOX

12 thoughts on “Friends for life…

  1. Oh Kate, that is so lovely and i am so happy to hear that you still have lifelong friends who are loyal and supportive to you-that is soooo lovely and has actually made my day-you deserve that with all my heart😊she sounds so lovely and wonderful that you get to reminsce and have lots of laughs and share stories of all the wonderful times you had together and may you have many more wonderful years and outings together-when i see my friends from primary school we reminse about my primary school and our fun times there almost always as i don’t see them that often because life is busy-even though you may not see each other much the friendship is always there. Distance means nothing these days😊💜


  2. Lovely blog Kate – and, as a recently ‘imaginary’ friend, I feel *very* honoured to be mentioned alongside your lifelong friends. Hoping you all have a wonderful time together – honestly it is the type of friendship you just want to bottle… 😉


  3. hello dear one, finally made it back here to put my reply up, bloody pc wouldnt log me in haha, thanks for your wonderful words and they go right back at you darling.our men do wonder about us when we texting facebook one another from front seat to back seat that is for sure, hahah on way back from KI. oh what fun we had. more to come sunday am willing the days away till then and hope that day is the longest one yet just for us. hahah see you then my dear freinds. to the moon and back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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