The power of technology for people with dementia

ADIMy computer and access to the internet as a place where I don’t have to worry about paddling so hard, a place where I can take as much time as I need to work things out, and where I don’t feel embarrassed when I can’t remember, or can’t  get out the right words. IT truly is a powerful tool for people with dementia if they can mange to use.

For me, it is a space for dementia liberation, and occasionally I do feel fearful for the time I may not be able to use my trusty little laptop or iPad, as I could not live well without it. It will throw me fully into my disappearing world, into the downward spiral of dementia. And yet, it will definitely keep me focused on living well with dementia, and advocating for the millions of others with dementia around the world.

Dementia Alliance International was formed through collaboration with other people with dementia, all via the internet. Many of us had not met in person until the recent ADI2014 conference in Puerto Rico, and meeting there, we all realised how incredible the power of technology is.This photo shows the group of people with dementia who presented in a parallel session at the conference, and who participated on a panel afterwards answering questions. Many of the clinicians who met with us throughout the conference told us our presentations were the most educational, and we are advocating for  this reach to be increased for future conferences. We will continue to run this new group by continuing to harness the power of technology, and by developing our networks and friendships.


5 thoughts on “The power of technology for people with dementia

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  2. I would hate to think of my life without my computer and the internet. I’m a member of a lot of medical support groups online and some hobby groups and they provide me with help and support as I navigate through all the health problems. Plus most impportnatly they give me commaradery and friendship at a time when they are sadly missing from my life. I would be so much lonelier without it. I even ‘met’ a lovely, inspiring woman called Kate Swaffer 😉

    Plus the computer helps me to record and document a lot of things in my life given I have next to no memory. All my medical databases not to mention a yearly summary of what’s happened in my life.

    I would be so miserable and ‘lost’ without them – plus I’m very VERY happy that I still remembered how to touch-type!!! 🙂 🙂


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