3 days to respond to dementia survey

I’m not usually very keen (or willing) to promote surveys on my blog, but this one is very important to me, and it should be to everyone living in Australia… Health care professionals, service providers, carers, people with dementia, members of the community, EVERYONE… as dementia is likely to touch the lives of every Australian in the near future.

How the government allocates the $200 million dollars it is giving to dementia research over the next five years is extremely important, and I for one, want it to be on more than the search for a cure.

With 44,000,000 people in the world living with dementia currently, including 332,000 in Australia, there needs to be as much research into providing better care and improving the lives of people with dementia, as is spent on a cure.

Oh, and research into prevention, increasing the education of the health care sector, and non pharmacological or psychosocial interventions including rehabilitation, to slow down the progression or at least improve the quality of lives for those of us living with dementia.

The last three ADI conferences I have attended, have made it eminently clear we are further away from a  cure than we were 15-20 years ago, so let’s at least improve the lives of those living with dementia.

NHMRC Dementia Translation and Setting Priority Project: Online Survey

The National Health and Medical Research Council is seeking to identify the national priorities for dementia research and translation in Australia. These priorities cover prevention, treatment, diagnosis and care.

If you live in Australia, please consider completing the survey.

What is the purpose of the survey?
The purpose of the survey is to prioritise dementia research and translation objectives developed in consultation with people who have a lived experience of dementia, their families and carers, professional care providers, medical practitioners and researchers. To optimise research and translation outcomes, it is important to think about where research can have the biggest impact both for people living with dementia currently and, in the future, to change the prognosis and incidence of dementia in Australia

What happens next?
This survey will provide further insights into national dementia research and translation priorities. For example, areas of interest will include the alignment and misalignments between consumer and research priorities, areas where research can optimise outcomes in short, medium and long term. Draft priorities will be developed using these insights and the material from the extensive consultation process.

When will the survey close?
The survey will be open until 5:00pm Monday the 10th of November. The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Any further questions?
If you have any questions, more information about the project can be found on the NHMRC website. Please contact Aimee Reeves if you have any questions about the survey on (02) 6282 8852 or Aimee.Reeves@thinkplace.com.au.

Please feel welcome to forward the survey to others who may like to complete it, including consumers, professional care providers, medical practitioners and researchers.


8 thoughts on “3 days to respond to dementia survey

  1. Thank you for posting this survey which I completed this evening. I thought it was ill thought out, complex and difficult to complete. The score given to the options I felt, we’re limited – I would have liked to give the total score to each! Anyhow, I had a go and hope it helps.


  2. I did the survey …… shame that it is probably a bit difficult for people with dementia …. well, it was difficult for ME.

    The wording was difficult to comprehend and the sentences a bit long. Plus there were so many answers (that were at least 2 if not 3 lines long) that while I was reading the answers I had forgotten the question. And the question was on another “screen” because they couldn’t all fit on the one screen.

    Shame. I wish they had thought of it before finalising the survey 😦

    Plus it was a very long 35 minutes to complete ……. very long.


    • Thanks for making the effort too… and I totally agree, it is NOT user friendly, and certainly not dementia friendly, I found it difficult to do too, and some of the sections seemed irrelevant… Let’s hope it’s not just another tick box too?! Special hugs for your effort xox


      • Kate – can you contact the organisers and tell them that you know some who have completed the survey and found it difficult etc?

        They will respect your opinion and hopefully will take that into account (but then they might not be able to take it into account …….)

        Thanks Kate


  3. Kate – I made sure to do the survey as soon as I received it, so it’s all done 😀 Let’s hope it makes a difference to those living with dementia. x


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