Where Did You Go? Film, Documentary and Campaign on Dementia

Whether you have had contact with Dementia or not, in front of you is the chance to be involved in making a difference. Together.

The most exciting part about this project for me, and the main reason why I agreed to become involved, is the one hour documentary is going to explore and share the other side of dementia… the fact that so many people diagnosed with dementia can and do live well. The reality  of dementia has two sides, and to date, it is only ever the darker side of dementia that is in film or other media. This project is to change that. Please share this campaign with others, and if you are able to reach into your own pocket, your donation may be tax deductible (check your own country taxation rules). Please help us reach our goal to be able to go forward with the project. Sooner rather than later we must start to break down the myths and stigma of dementia… and this project is aiming to do just that.

Call to Action!

To support this WORLDWIDE project and campaign, follow each of the steps below;

  • Watch our videos and read our campaign material (above and below).
  • Make a donation (Every backer counts!) *You are not charged until after the project deadline. **We do not see your details, only username.***Project will only run if we meet our funding goal by deadline.
  • Check out our fantastic rewards.
  • Leave a comment on our Kickstarter page with your thoughts to support the project.
  • Share this with the people you know (Conversations, Emails, hitting the [Share This Project] button and Social Media all helps) Thank you! (Follow us on twitter: @SharedSyndicate)

By sharing and connecting, we can make a difference.

You can back this project here…

If every person I know, or who follows me here or on twitter donated just $2.00 – less than half the cost of one cup of coffee in my city, we would easily raise $50,000… it is that easy. But we do need others to support this project.

Read more on the KickStarter page here…

9 thoughts on “Where Did You Go? Film, Documentary and Campaign on Dementia

  1. Pingback: Where Did You Go? Film, Documentary and Campaign

    • Thanks for your support Steven, and yes, perhaps surreal in parts… but we need to start reminding the word of the lighter side of dementia (like any other illness… oh, and life in general!), it is not all bad and sad.

  2. I don’t know what to think of something like this …… sure, some people can live OK for a time, but then it ISN’T living well. It’s up to each individual and what they consider “well”. And dementia has different stages, all of which are different depending on the diagnosis. And it depends on the definition of “living well”. Sure, you can be living in a caring aged care home, but having no control of bladder, bowel, swallowing, hunger and thirst mechanism, maybe breathing, no emotions, etc …….. I don’t consider this “living well”. But each to his own. Sorry to be like this Kate – you’re such an upbeat lady!!

    • I agree with you that at the end with dementia, it is not ‘living well’… hence why I support SAVES here in SA. We are definitely both are on that same pathway! As the ultimate optimist, I’ll keep trying to live well for as long as possible xx

      • As usual you have a great attitude Kate 🙂 🙂

        PS – you don’t have to be in late stages to have those problems …… I’ve got many of them myself (although as you know it’s not strictly classified as dementia)

    • Thanks for sharing it Dom… and you are right, we desperately need the public image to show that living well is possible. It was obvious when we met with you and Steve recently, he is still living positively, in spite of dementia too, wonderful for him and you both. Of course, that does not mean he does’ have struggles either, but it is not all the devastating ‘sad sack’ story being told…

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