Sundowning or boredom?

shhhSleeping until the sun sets

Wondering why it is night time

When he wakes up

The internal clock back to front

And inside out

Sun-downing for much of the day

Awake all night

So let us

Clash the symbols

Dance more often

Sing loudly

Cook and eat together

Anything to stay awake

No more sitting in an armchair

Nor allowed to nod off

But living a normal life during the day

So that all of us

Can sleep at night


8 thoughts on “Sundowning or boredom?

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  2. My husband’s sleep/wake cycle is disturbed, which means that I rarely have a solid night’s sleep. I have tried many things to try to engage him but he is unresponsive. He just seems to have given up and my heart aches.


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