We will remember them…

Today marks the 100th Anniversary of the Anzac Troops at Gallipoli, and there have been many very moving Dawn Services and ceremonies around the country and world, with Anzac Marches now in progress. This is an image of the Anzac Day Dawn Service at Groote Eylandt, via a friend, Wendy Barnfield who moved up there to live with her husband Andrew and two gorgeous children earlier this year. The many soldiers from Australia, New Zealand, France, Turkey and perhaps other countries who gave their lives for our freedom deserve our utmost respect and honour, as do the families who lost them. The War Memorials around the world are not just a symbols of war, they are symbols of loss, of comradeship and mate ship, of honour, and of love and stories. They are also symbols of peace. We will remember them…

Anzac Day Groote Island 2015

2 thoughts on “We will remember them…

  1. As a former member of the RAF I too join with others in the UK in remembering the sacrifice made by many in Australia an New Zealand also army members here in the North West of England who gave their live in this most tragic of campaigns.


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