Alzheimer’s Australia campaign re Younger Onset Dementia

Inaugural members of the Australian Dementia Working Group

Inaugural members of the Australian Dementia Working Group

Following on from the announcements I made here about the South Australian dementia funding and services for people with dementia and their families, I am adding a number of links to articles released all over Australia about the cut in funding for services for people with younger onset dementia.

Apologies for this style of blog, but as I am currently travelling, I’m finding it hard to focus on writing them at all.

The first article is about a friend of mine and his wife living in Tasmania. John is an inaugural member of the Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Working Group.

Many of the people featured in these articles are also friends of mine, and are living the best lives possible, in spite of dementia, some good days, some bad days, and I am sure, like me, some downright ugly ones as well!

Cutting funding and services will negatively impact us all, and I am sure, in the long run, cost our governments and society far more.

Unfortunately, the journalists have not bothered to refer to the Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Language guidelines, and many are continuing to refer to us as sufferers. I keep hoping, but won’t hold my breath… it seems respect for the language of disability is perfectly acceptable, but still not acceptable in the dementia sector. One would hope the media team at AA is at least requesting they refer to them?


8 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Australia campaign re Younger Onset Dementia

  1. Hi Kate…I have also put together a petition. I will send you a link and if you get a chance would appreciate you distributing it as you think fit. Its on my FB page too. I am on twitter but don’t have any followers LOL. Its my own words but ALz Aust had a hand in it. Good luck in the UK.


  2. Hi Kate
    What a shame they are cutting funding for young people with dementia. This negativity will not help in the goal to assess and diagnose dementia early. People will go back to saying “what is the need for a diagnosis when here is nothing out there to help us”. But we must remember that these rich government officials who incidently are voted in by the people do like to line their own pockets, but they are not poor or vulnerable.


  3. Hey Kate,
    I was discussing with a colleague just this morning the inappropriate language used by so many journalists! In the training I’m developing there will be a specific section on language use – guided by the Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia language guidelines. Language is so significant to an individual’s well being and in shaping community views.
    We’ve recently had some VERY backward news articles in our local paper too – I’ve decided to send the editor the language guidelines! We’ll see if progress is made on this topic..
    Enjoy your travels,


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