Thank you Richard Taylor PhD

Some time ago, I published the Foreword written by Dr Richard Taylor for my book, What the hell happened to my brain?, due out later this year. He also recorded a video of it, which I played at the pre release event held jointly with Shibley Rahman in London. I feel very honoured and proud to have Richard’s voice and recommendation for my book, and although was going to wait for the release of the book, decided to add it here today. I love you Richard, and am only glad I told you that before you left this wonderful and occasionally crazy world. More than any other dementia advocate, Richard, you taught and inspired me the most.

6 thoughts on “Thank you Richard Taylor PhD

  1. A powerful testimony, Kate, to your day-to-day advocacy for spreading the word about how people living with dementia can still lead “whole” lives. Thank you for what you do! I hope your new book will be read by millions. Richard was my hero, too. May he rest in peace. I hope he had some inkling of the ripple effect that he had throughout the world while he lived and advocated so selflessly on behalf of others.
    Vicki Kaufmann


    • Thank you Vicki… he was the hero of so many, and will be missed all around the world by those who knew him in person, and by those who had only read his work or watched his videos. He was a true leader.


  2. Kate I was moved by your talk and presentation. I am pleased I made the effort to come and meet you. I am also moved by the impact Richard had on the Dementia world. Take care and keep up the good work. Fenella


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