Bethanie Education Medallion #DAM2015 Day 23

It is Day 23 of Dementia Awareness Month 2015 #DAM2015, and I had promised a few of my personal and online friends about the outcome of flying to Perth for lunch today, I am proud to announce I won an award today, the Bethanie Medallion, for my service to the dementia and aged care sector. This year, they opened it up to people outside of Western Australia, and for the Education Medallion, for anyone who contributes to education, not just students or recent graduates.

I guess, if I one is to win an award for anything to do with dementia, it is rather fitting it happened during World Alzheimer’s Month 2015. And as I accidentally posted two blogs yesterday, so am well ahead of my daily bog for this month as well! A lovely newish friend and colleague Michelle Harris nominated me, and she also co-authored a blog recently with Cassandra Szoeke and me on Women and Dementia.

The Bethanie Education Medallion recognises an outstanding Student or Graduate studying Aged Care or aged care related activity. This category recognises an exceptional student or graduate who goes above and beyond their education or community outreach programs to service aged care. Students or graduates can be nominated by their teachers and mentors and will be assessed on their academic results as well as the way in which they have undertaken their clinical and/or voluntary work.”

Kate Swaffer: Bethanie Education Medallion

Kate Swaffer with Bethanie Education Medallion Award

My wonderful BUB, Peter Watt

My wonderful BUB, Peter Watt

49 thoughts on “Bethanie Education Medallion #DAM2015 Day 23

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  2. Awesome just like you! Well done and couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of such an honour. Very proud of you and your achievement.
    Love and hugs V x


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