Proud to be a finalist of such a prestigious group of incredible Australians

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There were more than 8000 nominees in Australia for the Australian Of The Year 2016 Awards, and I feel deeply honoured, humbled, proud and delighted to be a part of this amazing group of winners and sixteen finalists. Representing people with dementia and those who support us is my main goal in life these days, in particular improving the post diagnostic pathway of support, to one that is ethical and filled with love, kindness and compassion.

With more than 47 million people in the world currently diagnosed with dementia, one new diagnosis every 3.2 seconds somewhere in the world, including 1800 new diagnosis of dementia in Australia every week, and the current pathway of care one to aged care and death, rather than living, it is imperative I continue my work and miss in life. Thank you to those who nominated me, and to the committee who saw this work significant enough to make it as a finalist.

26 thoughts on “Proud to be a finalist of such a prestigious group of incredible Australians

  1. If your nomination in some way alerts the medical profession to steer away from proscribed disengagement, and pharmacological intervention, I will be more than pleased. Jeff


  2. Congratulations!! This is such fabulous news. Well done you, and am so delighted that your work, your wisdom and your efforts have been recognised.


  3. Hello Kate
    thank you so much for all your skill, time, efforts and wisdom and championing the cause for not only the people with dementia and the carers but also us professionals, who have travelled the road with you
    fond regards
    Anne Moehead


  4. Well done Kate It’s because of your very important work that I believe your were nominated. You deserve all the recognition and what a boost to the cause, the more public the profile of the subject the better understood it shall become.


  5. Way to go Kate!!! So proud of you for all of your hard work….I hope someone in the group finds the courage to address chemtrails. The constant aluminum pouring down on people is seriously adding to the growth of Dementia!!! If chemtrails were stopped no telling how quickly things would turn around. Be well friend and again, Congrats!!!!! VK ❤


  6. Congratulations Kate – well done – great recognition for you and your unstinting effort and advocacy – all power to you and recognition to your amazing BUB.


  7. While it might personally feel weird to you, Kate – it really couldn’t happen to a better person. You have done so much to inspire others to find their voices, to take an active role in their own care. If you could only see yourself from our eyes, and what a blessing and true leader you are in all this.


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