26 thoughts on “In search of gratitude

  1. So true Kate, I keep telling myself if I can put my two feet on the ground each morning I am doing OK even if I feel exhausted. Hope you had an enjoyable and peaceful Christmas and all the best for 2017.


  2. Paulan: I am also grateful for many things. I am very fortunate to have a healthy and loving husband and children who are always thinking of ways to help me. I am also grateful for this incredible support I receive from all of my friends on the Internet. It all comes down to attitude. Some people approach life events in a positive manner and some people approach events in their lives with a negative outlook. We can’t change reality but we can sure change our responses to those events.


  3. That’s a lovely poem Kate. After 18 years of enabling, supporting and caring for people living with dementia I have observed many people. I have observed that the happiest people are not the people who seemingly have the most, but the people who are gratiful, thankful, appreciative for what they do have and for what truly matters and in most instances what matters most is love, love of family, friends and of life. I have also oberved that the true essence of a person remains to the end even with dementia. I wish you much love and joy in 2017. Kate Lambert, CEO, Daughterly Care


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