Ok, who’s hiding my glasses?

It’s been an early start today
With a fun DAI members meeting and cafe
But as is often the case these days
A lot more things are hiding.

Curiously, I’ve just discovered
I had put the dirty clothes
Into the kitchen bin
And I still cannot find my multi focal glasses.

They have obviously gone into hiding
Along with many other things
Or perhaps dementia really is contagious
As my belongings are either…

Becoming non compliant
Getting confused and even lost.

Yes, it is becoming clear even to me
That this happening
Even in their familiar surroundings
And worst of all they have lost insight…

One can only wonder what the
Dreaded MMSE
And other unpleasant neuropsychology tests
Will tell us all today!


Kate Swaffer © 2017

25 thoughts on “Ok, who’s hiding my glasses?

  1. I’ve no doubt they’ve been placed into a very attractive looking but also very secure dementia unit for their own safety, and are already being given daily anti psychotics to make them more compliant and to stop them wandering… don’t worry, we are sure they will feel loved!


  2. Well my friend, it’s not just Dementia that is the cause…..I loose things all the time and don’t have Dementia…If things are really gone it usually means you put it down while in one dimension and you are looking for it in another dimension. You’ll find them eventually. I always recite my request to St. Anthony when I have misplaced something which is ” St. Anthony, St. Anthony please come to the ground, I need my _______ and it needs to be found.” Works every time. Give it a go Kate. Hope things reappear soon….VK ❤


  3. My dear Kate,
    I read your poetry and felt a constellation of emotions that go from sadness to hope and admiration. It must be hard to experience these losses without being tempted to give in to despair. I remember Richard Taylor talking in his book about his own struggles, when the going got particularly tough, and how he felt an uncanny impulse to stop fighting… I am really happy (and relieved and in awe…) that your coping mechanism is irony and good humour in spite of it all (or because of it). You are an example for all of us, human beings with and without dementia. Resilience is real and alive, her name is Kate Swaffer… Viktor Frankl is her best friend. Lots of love xxxx


    • My dear friend Eloisa… I have been too stunned to reply to your beautiful words, and final two sentences. Viktor Frankl has been in may soul for many years, and indeed one of my heroes. Like Richard sometimes did, I too feel like giving up; it used to be only occasionally, now it is most days, and often, most of the day. But with friends like you in my life, I somehow continue to keep finding the strength to continue. Without you, and all of those who support me, I would give up. It is, in truth, that simple, so really, it is me who must THANK YOU. Much love always XOXOXOX


  4. Kate,

    You might forget where your glasses and other items are, but you still write wonderful poetry and I appreciate your clever sense of humour which of course makes a very serious and important point about the way society describes people living with dementia.

    You have a great brain in so many ways despite having dementia and that’s something to be prou of and celebrate!!! Kate,

    CEO Daughterly Care.


    • Thanks Kate. I’ve just come back from the awful Neurpsych testing, and the only one I did ok was the one that I could be creative with, meaning I had to end a sentence with the wrong word, not the one that it stole end with, which I failed miserably! In fact, some of my answers were funny enough to make Dr Field laugh! better to laugh, when possible I always say, but I have also had a cry in the last 30 mins too…


    • There are days I could cry (and sometimes do), but mostly, I try to see the funny side. Earlier this week, I attempted to record something three times, and would get to the end of it, and realise each time I had forgotten to hit the record button! No such thing as third time lucky with dementia it seems!!! For now, I’m leaving that particular project until my BUB is at home xx


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