Dr Atkins versus Dr Grundy & Dr Bredesen

I’m posting this today as the DAI Brain Health Hub members, who are a group of people living with dementia supporting each other to stay motivated to keep on track with the Bredesen reCode protocol diet and lifestyle. We had a discussion about whether Dr Atkins versus Dr Grundy and Dr Bredesen on the revised Ketogenic diet yesterday…


7 thoughts on “Dr Atkins versus Dr Grundy & Dr Bredesen

  1. Thank you for sharing. The advice on nutrition and supplements is getting pretty crazy, in terms of being able to keep up with all the new studies. I just bought Dr. Perlmutter’s “Grain Brain” and will adjust my parents’ diet in areas that make sense. The whole family now takes MCT coconut oil daily, and I’ve noticed a difference in both my parents and myself. I’m now backing off bread, and that’s a real challenge in our bread-based culture, for sure! Wow. But the arguments about inflammation make so much sense, it would be ridiculous to overlook them. If dementia severity can be reduced with no grain/more oil, why not? And if all doctors could brush up on nutrition, that might make a huge difference to the “more hugs, less drugs” movement in senior care overall.


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