Facing up to life…

In my own experience

It’s ultimately kinder to be up front

Face up to stuff

Be honest and true to you

Laugh as much as possible

Dance, even when no-one’s watching

Believe in love

It will always overcome hate

Forgive others

In the knowledge

That those who intentionally harm you

Speak of themselves

Not you

Most often

They have their own unhealed

Or unacknowledged pain

Forgive and love yourself

In between the joy

And the seriousness and sadness

Of life


Kate Swaffer © 2017

20 thoughts on “Facing up to life…

  1. Wise words Kate and that is sooooo true-forgiveness is soooo important to help move on and not hold grudges. Honest and truthfulness is soooo important, everyone should ALWAYS be true to themselves and acknowledge there strengths and failures and there good and bad points. My not so good points are organization-i am good at organising my social life with friends and remembering friends birthdays(hopefully i remember your birthday one day!), however i am not good at remembering where i put things and tend to loose paper quite frequently but for my new years resolution my aim is to be more organised and by folders and ALWAYS pack the night before school and prioritise more often in the school morning so i can achieve ALL the things i need to achieve before departing home such as packing my lunch, and having a shower(absolute neccesities!). That’s my main area i want to improve in 2018-hopefully its onwards and upwards! It is soooo essential to laugh at yourself and laugh about things-i laugh about things daily. My Aunty needs to learn the importance of laughing at herself. Well Kate, thats it from me apart from have a fantastic christmas and a wonderful 2018 and if you are ever in Nz(specifically Auckland)let me know and i would love to catch up!xxx PS Keep in touch-always love your reply’s:)


  2. Hi Kate, Speaking of TRUTH. The LOVE sculpture you picture at the top of your post was created by Robert Indiana who never copyrighted the image and so while his artwork became as famous as the Mona Lisa, the man himself did not. Everything has a context.


    Good advise in your poem to believe in love, that will always overcome hate. But what about indifference?
    I think the biggest problem we face as humans is indifference. Especially PWD. There is so much indifference to our plight. People may not think they are intentionally harming when they practice indifference. But Indifference is intentional too.


    • Thanks for the information on the image I used, and who it was from. As always, I often use Google images, and forget to acknowledge that. Re indifferrence, that is a whole other topic, perhaps even one for a blog. I suspect until it effects us personally, many of us are indifferent to most things, especially the challenges or illnesses others face. I’m not sure if its intentional or not, so some great food for thought! Thank you


      • Hi Kate, It’s just interesting that the image LOVE that Robert Indiana created is such a cultural icon, and yet it has a history that is all about the “60’s” and Pop art. That he failed to copyright it is why so few know that he is the artist who created it. Everything has history was my point. Robert Indiana is now 87.
        Interesting that the artworks (paintings, sculpture and prints) of “LOVE” MADE INDIANA A RECLUSE.
        “By 1978, the artist was exhausted by New York and its overwhelming and often hostile art scene. So, he packed up and moved to the isolated Maine island of Vinalhaven. “LOVE bit me,” he confessed in the NPR interview, “It was a marvelous idea, but it was also a terrible mistake. It became too popular; And there are people who don’t like popularity. It’s much better to be exclusive and remote. That’s why I’m on an island off the coast of Maine, you see.”

        So true what you say about indifference. Until it hits us personally…


  3. On reading this Kate I think we must have been related in a previous life. This would be the explanation of my Buddhist friends at Madhyamaka who I have just spent a beautiful week with. I’m already missing their kindness and their support in helping me to find inner peace.


    • Hey Paul… maybe we are. Some of my family come from England and Scotland, and some from Amsterdam and possibly even Asia. Take care, and I hope life is as ‘ok’ as it can be for you both xx


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