World Mental Health Day

Please read this brilliant blog by my colleague and friend, Tina Minkowitz.

When we go to a doctor’s office we may feel nervous, apprehensive.  We worry about test results, we worry about whether a treatment might do more harm than good.  We put our trust in the practitioner provisionally and hope she is trustworthy and competent.  

But ‘mental health’ visits can be something else entirely.  Only in ‘mental health’ can a doctor end a consultation by advising your family to have you locked up under the supervision and control of medicalized wardens, where you will be forced to take mind-numbing and mind-disassembling drugs.” Read the article in full here…

4 thoughts on “World Mental Health Day

  1. Thanks for asking, Kate-it is always lovely of you to ask-thanks for that. He is sadly going downhill again this week-doesn’t really know who we are and forgot who my great auntie was married to(she is re partnered now, her first husband died) when they were great mates and sailed together. He fought that person(although he doesn’t know)who was my great auntie husband is still alive despite him passing nearly 17 years ago. He fought his uncle is still alive who was killed in world war 2. Very hard-getting worse and worse every week-i truly hope he stays stable for awhile.


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