Understand with your heart

The last few months, I have noticed a lot of changes in my physical and cognitive health, and have watched on as so many others are struggling with worsening or new health issues, or facing difficult personal challenges. It is worrying, and on some days, it would be so easy to give up not only advocacy, but many of the other things I get up to! Regarding the changes in cognitive abilities and disabilities… today, at one of the support groups I co host, I was unable to ‘understand’ what one of our members was saying, when usually I can easily comprehend and support her. This is how I replied:

33 thoughts on “Understand with your heart

  1. Wow, just brezzing by different happenings on the net, beauty in what constitutes your heart that is never fully born, this sings, flies, beats my heart, it’s differently bad


  2. Dear Kate’s Heart,
    Your understanding has always been the best part. Your heart is what makes the stuff that your brain does so wonderful. Sincerely, Jim


  3. This is beautiful and something for us all to constantly remind ourselves when interacting with loved ones. I will most definitely be sharing your wise words.


  4. Hi Kate. This is priceless that you have been able to write it like this. It is really important that more people understand this about people living with a dementia. I suspect that all people living with a dementia can always understand with their heart, even though their cognition may have waned to some degree.


  5. Love your honesty Kate you have a heart so big you put Far Lap to shame, not that I’m calling you and old nag, ha.
    ‘A beautiful heart can bring things into your life that all the $ in the world could not obtain.’
    X ness


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