Normal human responses: #BeyondBPSD

If you haven’t been following me here or on social media for long, you may not know about the #BanBPSD #rethinkingdementia and #ReframingDementia campaign that has been growing in terms of supporters, for a few years now. In September 2018, a number of people including me, Susan Macaulay, Sonya Barsness, Al Power, Daniella Greenwood and Leah Bisiani engaged in, re-highlighting the need to #BanBPSD (Note: BPSD = Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia).

In a DAI “Meeting Of The Minds” Webinar, Al Power eloquently highlighted why we need to continue this campaign. Giving the acronym another meaning as some academics and professionals are considering, won’t, in my opinion, stop the misuse of it, as it is so entrenched. It will likely always equate to negative labels, and poor care. Watch Al’s presentation here:

If you are still not convinced, then I suggest you read the following blogs for more reasons to #BanBPSD. Due to a lack of time to find them all, please note, there are many more you will find, some within links in each of the following:

Being Better than a Stick in the Eye

Rethinking Dementia: 30 Normal Human Responses #6

take off the blindfolds and #BanBPSD: an open letter to the worldwide dementia community

To make it easy, check out September 2018 on my site.

9 thoughts on “Normal human responses: #BeyondBPSD

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  4. Very proud that we came together as a force to be reckoned with Kate, joining with other formidable and global leaders to create such a powerful voice.
    You have and always will be my inspiration my friend, and this battle will continue to be fought by us all.
    We, the #BanBPSD Warriors, are slowly but surely making the inroads required to challenge the stigmatising and negative behavioural paradigm used to unfairly judge and pigeon hole people living with dementia. We must pave the foundations for an entire culture change, and become the catalyst to the shift required in publicising to the world that we are now rethinking dementia and are advocating zero tolerate towards the
    subjective assumptions made about dementia, behaviour and the over medicating/chemical restraint of people who live with dementia.
    It is critical that society and the medical profession cease judging and segregating people living with dementia in this manner.
    Please see 2 of my supportive articles to further elaborate our ethos and vision:



    • Collaborating and working together, we may just change the world. The campaign in September last year, certainly had a huge impact, which we are really only just finding out about.

      The next steps, are to ensure the decisions on alternatives to BPSD, include those of us living wih it…

      “Nothing about us, without us” – whic is really hard to believe is something we are still having to bring up, too often self fund our own inclusion, and fight for!


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