Supporting mental health

Choosing to spend time with people who are good for your mental health is essential.

Yes, even if sometimes those people are related to you.

Maybe it’s even more important if they are family as the emotional damage goes much deeper and is so much harder to heal.

The damage and emotional harm from abusive family is lifelong, no matter how much you think you’ve recovered.

Your ‘chosen’ family are far more likely to love you unconditionally, and on the basis of ‘its ok to have a different opinion, and ‘do no harm.’

Kate Swaffer ©️ 2020

4 thoughts on “Supporting mental health

  1. Agree with you Kate ,The abusive even if its family is very toxic and much harder to heal as it goes very deep into the the soul.
    Chosen Family and family that are caring are love us unconditionally , Its helps in the healing which may take a lifetime.


  2. Walking away from rough road is the best way to go as long as we choose the next road.
    It is like switching off the radio when you don’t like to listen to that music or changing channel on TV.


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