2016     PhD Candidate, University of Wollongong
2014     Masters of Science in Dementia Care (Distinction), University of Wollongong
2010     Bachelor of Psychology, University of South Australia
2009    Bachelor of Arts, Writing and Creative Communication, University of South  Australia
2005    Certificate of Small Business Management, Business South Australia
1989     Graduate Diploma in Grief Counseling, University of Ballarat
1987     Chef certificate “Australian Cuisine”: Australian Cuisine, Regency Park TAFE
1977     Nurse training, Whyalla and Cleve Hospitals, SA


2016        World Dementia Council, Member
2014-16  Dementia Alliance International, Chair, CEO, Co-founder
2015-16   Alzheimer’s Disease International, Board member
2013-16   Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Advisory Committee, Chair
2014-16   Southern Dementia Advisory Group (Kiama), Honorary member
2010-16   Professional Advisory Group, The Bereaved Through Suicide Support Group (SA) Inc.


2017      Australian Of The Year, South Australia, 2017, Winner
2016      University of Wollongong Alumni Award for Social Impact, 2016
2016      100 Women of Influence Award, Social Impact and Not for Profit Category
2016      Australian of The Year Award, South Australian Finalist
2015      International Dementia Leader, 2015, University of Stirling International Dementia Awards 2015, Winner
2015      National Disability Awards 2015: Emerging Leader Disability Awareness,  Winner
2015      Australian Association of Gerontology, Recognition of Achievements in 2014 at University of Wollongong
2015      Dignity in Care Achievement Award 2015, Outstanding Individual Contribution to Dignity in care, Inaugural winner
2015      Bethanie Education Medallion Award, Winner
2015      University of Wollongong, Community Engagement Award, Winner
2015      University of Wollongong, 2015 Alumni Award Social Impact Category, Runner up
2014      University of Wollongong, Master’s of Science in Dementia Care, Distinction
2012      Creating life with words: Love, Inspiration and Truth was archived in the PANDORA Collection of the State (SA) and National Library of Australia
2012-13  Patron for The Visitors, a play about Younger Onset Dementia, Urban Myth Theatre Group and ECH Residential Aged Care, based on my personal story
2008      Bachelor of Psychology University Merit Award, University of South Australia
2008      Lifetime Golden Key Membership, University of South Australia


2014      The term Prescribed Disengagement® gained Trademark prominence after meeting the stringent  Trademark status criteria in two categories;

Class 41: Educational services relating to the diagnosis of dementia
Class 44: Medical services relating to the diagnosis of dementia

Trademarks in progress: ‘Living Beyond Dementia’™ and ‘See the person, not the dementia’™


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United Nations World Health Organisation first Ministerial Conference on Dementia, Geneva, plenary speaker
Dignity in Dementia Care 2015, plenary speaker
Parliamentary Summit on Dementia, Canberra, plenary speaker
Alzheimer’s Australia Consumer Summit, Parliament House, plenary speaker
Alzheimer’s Disease International, plenary speaker
National Dementia Congress, plenary speaker

NZ Biennial Conference, plenary speaker
Parliamentary Friends of Dementia Forum, plenary speaker
Minister’s Dementia Advisory Group forum, Melbourne and Canberra, plenary speaker
Dementia Partnership Project inaugural conference, Perth, plenary speaker
Alzheimer’s Disease International, Puerto Rico, plenary speaker
Dignity in Dementia Care 2014, plenary speaker

Alzheimer’s Disease International, Taipei, speaker
Minister’s Dementia Advisory Group forum, Canberra, invited speaker
Psychology Private Australia Inc, Tenth National Congress, plenary speaker

Caladenia Dementia Care, plenary speaker
The Dementia Collaborative Research Centre Research Forum, plenary speaker
Aged & Community Services SA & NT, Demystifying Consumer Directed Care, plenary speaker
Alzheimer’s ACT, Dementia Network Education 2012, plenary speaker

Alzheimer’s Disease International, London, presenter and invited speaker
Thinkers in Residence SA,The Science of Well-being Conference, plenary speaker
Future Faces of Dementia, NZ Biennial Alzheimer’s Conference, plenary speaker

Alzheimer’s Australia Fight Dementia Campaign Rally, plenary speaker
WordCamp Gold Coast, plenary speaker

I have given over 600 presentations at local, national and international forums, conferences, dementia study days, aged care service providers, Australian Department of Health, Department of Health SA, consumer groups, AGM’s, and other groups and events.