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  1. Hello Kate. I am currently filming a documentary on Dementia specifically younger onset dementia, and I was wondering if I could contact you with some questions as far as your personal journey. I came across your story on the Dementia Australia website. I do appreciate that you will be busy. I am aware that some people still feel that Dementia is an old person’s illness. I hope my film through some personal touches of my own will bring awareness that it is not. Kind Regards Louise


  2. hello Kate. this LindedIn article below is a result of years of advocacy for mental health concerns and stigma… it contains hard won learning over these years… i can’t hep but think that much of it resonates with similar issues in the realities of dementia… i hope you may find it helpful and useful… if so, please share as you will all or in part… blessings, Mark Young ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/tymayc3791/detail/recent-activity/posts/ )



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  8. Hello from cyberspace! What a happy discovery I have made in reading your blog! It’s always nice to meet someone who inspires, albeit in the ether. I will continue to follow you! Much joy!


      • Dear Kate

        I wonder would it be possible for me to get a copy of the talk you gave at the Geneva Global Dementia summit in March 2015. I am currently writing a book on human rights and dementia and would very much like to use part of it in one of the chapters. Obviously if permission is granted I will acknowledge that this is your transcript.

        With kind regards
        Suzanne Cahill
        St James’s hospital
        Dublin Ireland and
        Trinity College Ireland.


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  11. Kate, can I have your permission to copy this entry in your blog into my blog in its entirety? All necessary acknowledgements of the source and author will be made. This message needs to be read by everyone, whether family carer, PWD, extended family members, medical practitioners, professional carers and care facility managers. Thank you for posting.


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    • Thank you Sally. I have been awarded this before, but always find it very difficult to follow all the rules, so will now have another go at it! Glad you like my blog, and for showing me to yours, which I can keep up with now that I know about it. I really like the way you have themed it too.


  13. Dear Kate, I shall follow your blog with interest. You have accepted your diagnosis early, and are not in denial. Wonderful! You are able to express what you see from what I would call “that side”. I may be able to understand my Joanna’s thinking as she progressed. I could only ever read her expressions, because verbal skills disappeared early. I have read a lot on Alzheimers, and tried to relate it to our experience. There are a lot of myths there. The journey begins a long time before awareness and diagnosis. Keep that brain working hard! Never relax! Jeff.


    • Dear Jeff, I have just re-read this and realise now how long you have been following my journey. I also apologise for not responding to you at the time you wrote this. Strangely, it feels like we know each other now, and I would miss your regular feedback! Take care, and thank you once again for your support and encouragement. I did take your advice… I still don’t relax too much!! Kate


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