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  2. Dear Kate,
    I too,am a Nurse like yourself and a similar age. Not that I set out to become a nurse for charitable reasons but I figured it was a way I could travel and meet people. Trouble is I didn’t travel, and I stayed in SA, until last year when we as a family packed up and moved to Qld. Because life is short, and if you don’t do it now maybe you’ll never do it, and I didn’t want to get to 80 and find asking myself “I wonder what would have happened if…..

    I now work in aged care where dementia is a common diagnosis amongst our residents. Like everywhere our issues are not enough staff, not enough pay, not enough time… to provide the care we want to…the chat to a resident at 3 o’clock in the morning, just because they want to talk to someone. The list goes on.
    We try and get the staff to know the story of each resident, what they did, who they were before dementia robbed them of the ability to tell people their own story. We ask families to tell us stories of when they were younger so that staff can interact with them. We ask families to bring in photos of themselves in their prime, so that can see the real person.
    I admire you for taking your valuable time to raise the awareness of dementia and the impact upon everyone, everywhere.
    We need more dementia care, more understanding about dementia and more support to staff that care for dementia in aged care, and more support to the partners and family that live with dementia every day.

    Enjoy all of your moments…..



    • Hi Lynda, Thanks so much for taking the time to chat… It seems you are doing very good work in aged care and dementia care, so keep it up. If you ever want to chat to a consumer, please get in touch. You are right, the impact on everyone is huge (and hideous). Thanks for remaining a nurse in this time of poor pay, poor conditions, unrealistic funding, useless governments, and continuing to work regardless of the dementia epidemic. I will continue to enjoy my moments, and hope you find the time to as well. xx


  3. Dear Kate,

    below is the email I have sent today to Ita Buttrose, John Breitner, and Mark Butler.

    Dear colleagues,

    Regarding the recent TV program “Funding needed for dementia research” ,

    I would like to inform you that Normobaric Hypoxitherapy (also known as IHT – Intermittent Hypoxic Treatment (Training)) will be used reliably for prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease soon, see:
    This safe method, which was approved in some countries for 20 years (appr. 2 million of patients with different diseases now), will be used in Australia reliably too, but who knows when.


    Simon Basovich,

    Life Sciences R&D,

    Hampton, Vic.

    Hope, it will be useful to you in some sense.

    Best wishes,

    Simon Basovich


  4. Hello and thank you to everyone who has responded to my story.

    For those of you diagnosed with dementia, I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

    I would strongly suggest you contact the Alzheimer’s Australia office in your state,

    My suggestions are to follow the advice they will give you; even their website has a section on how to manage things and they run courses on living with memory loss for people with dementia as well as their family and friends. I also recommend you engage with as many activities as you can, including higher education of some kind e.g. TAFE, University, learning a musical instrument or another language, exercise, especially running if you are up to it, and writing or some other creative outlet that works as therapy for you to express your journey.

    Thank you also to those who have offered advice regarding supplements and nutrition, and friendship. I apologise I won’t be able to respond individually, but please know that your thoughts and words are appreciated. Having people read my blog and share my journey is rewarding.

    Take care, Kate


  5. Kate,thank you for sharing your story. I would like to know more about what things you are doing to support your mind and body. I hope you migth be able to contact me please. I am 39. I too have been diagnosed with early onset dementia. Thank you


  6. Hi Kate,
    I just saw you on ABC TV and my heart goes out to you. I have recently discovered an exciting product – Protandim – a natural product which stimulates the body to produce more of its natural antioxidant enzymes, reducing oxidative stress from free radicals. Oxidative stress is now being pointed to as the main cause of Alzheimers. The progress of your disease could possibly be halted, or even reversed.This product has 8 peer reviewed studies, with another 20 or more currently underway in univerisities. If you would like to look at it – http://www.primetime2005 is a report from 6 years ago. Much more research has since come out.
    Please contact me if you are interested to take a further look.


  7. Hello Kate,
    I saw you on ABC 7.30. I write to the ABC. You write well. I am an unemployed sub-editor and I don’t know what to write about. Maybe, I thought, I would like to write to you. I am a poet like you and I was a carer for the disabled. I have worked for the Salvation Army on the Gold Coast. I am on the NSW border at Tweed Heads. I would like you to write to me. I don’t want to gush or rush things so you will fuss or go off and catch a bus somewhere. I will leave it at that. You have experienced something great, university. It is great. I have a BA in Journalism and a Diploma in Social Welfare.
    The mind having been stretched never returns to the same size it once was. Keep on the track of education Kate. Write back.


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