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Poetry book with keyline CMYK 18-2-13My first volume of poetry Love, Life, Loss, A Roller Coaster of Poetry Volume 1 is a beautiful hard cover book with 88 poems. Some are not for the faint hearted, but they tell a few of the stories of my life, and other things too.

One poem (the 88th) was written for me by my best friend Jacinta, and I have included it below because it encompasses our love and friendship beautifully.

This beautifully bound self published book is currently only available through direct orders via my website. Contact me here to place your order.

love life loss v2 coverMy second volume of poetry Love, Life, Loss, A Roller Coaster of Poetry Volume 2 – Days with dementia, was released on 12 August 2016.

It is currently available to order through my Adelaide publisher Ginninderra Press, or through The Book Depository.

It will also be available from Amazon and other outlets soon. You can read the Foreword written by Amelia Walker on my blog here. The back cover piece, written by Emeritus Professor Roly Sussex says:

“What do you do with a diagnosis of dementia? And especially younger onset dementia?

Kate Swaffer responds with love, life and torrents of words. Some of the words show loneliness and fear, exclusion, apprehension. But her strong theme is how to be a vigorous involved participant in the world of light, gardens, cats, and above all, people. Her poems affirm “believe you can when others say you can’t”. And on behalf of people with dementia, “we are all real!”.

“Like a good red wine or an old red rose”, these poems are full of wisdom, understanding and a view of the world from someone with dementia, living through dementia, but also above dementia.”

The best and most beautiful things of this world can’t be seen or touched. They must be felt by the heart.

Kate Swaffer © 2019 | Author, Poet, Chef; Advocate and activist for aged and dementia care. All rights reserved.

26 thoughts on “Poetry Books

  1. Dear Kate,
    Thanks so much for the work you do, for your courage and strength. My mother died with dementia in 1999. She was 94. I worked for 8+ years listening to people with dementia because of her. I wrote a book about some of the people I met and what they said to me. ‘Listen to the Talk Of Us: People with dementia speak out’, was published by Alzheimer’s (WA) – I live in Perth. I’d love to send you a copy and go on corresponding with you.


  2. My mother died of dementia just before last Christmas at 86 years of age.Her mum died with it too as did my great-great grandma (it skipped one generation that being my great-grandma) my mother’s illness was something I wont ever get over it’s torn my heart out and made me feel very angry.I saw things during the last three months that were wrong,treatment from medical people towards dementia patients that was without empathy.I want to be one of the people who helps to change such ignorance.My mum reverted back to childhood into a time when taps were different to the modern ones of today and doors did not have so many locks and did not slide open.She came from a time when modesty was very important yet no one seemed to tread softly around her issues…she was terrified and lost.I tried to change the way it was but no one listened and I got no help,now I am haunted by what she went through…something has to change.If there is any way I can help to change things let me know as I want and need to help change the way dementia patients are treated.Since mum’s death I put in a complaint to the age care commissioner but even though I have been told that changes will be made due to my complaint…in my heart I don’t believe changes will be made and there is no way I can go back to where she was to check that they have made the promised changes as she was in a ‘secure dementia unit’ and only relatives of living residents can visit patients there …so as far as I know ,nothing may ever change.


  3. Hi Kate, I really like your poetry. I am one of the Younger onset Dementia Workers for Alzheimers Australia Vic, and I am wondering if it would be OK with you if I read your poem “Stolen Dreams” at a workshop I am giving in Bendigo next week.I’m talking about Younger Onset Dementia and I think Stolen Dreams is a really lovely poem which would help people understand your situation.


    • Hi Jo, I would be honoured, and thank you for asking. Good luck with your work there. I am in Ararat and Ballarat the next week presenting a couple of times, so not too far away!


      • Thanks dear Kate. Of course, it always changes your life. I’ve had a nephew and a best friend’s beloved son (plus others), so I can understand a bit of how it is, that’s why your poem touched me deeply; but it would be so much more amplified, being your partner.
        Thanks for your wonderful poetry, I can share it with other people – relatives living with those with dementia and carers as well. I’ve often thought about your words (prior to reading your words I agreed with you – if that makes sense, as I think about things…) I understand where carers are coming from (and how sometimes it is about them…) and I do understand that many times it mustn’t be about them too; I can see both sides – as I’m sure you can. Happy New Year dear.


      • Dear Shelley… thank you so much for your kind words and support. Poetry, it seems, is pouring out of my soul lately! I’m glad you feel you want o share it with others too. Take care…


  4. Kate,
    Thank you for sharing your inner most thoughts and feelings! Your honesty is appreciated and I will always remember and reference others to your sight to have a better understanding of dementia that speaks from your heart and that is REAL! Thanks again.


  5. Hi Kate, just re-read your poetry. They are very soul searching and so beautiful. I particularly like your friend poem. Hope it is OK with you if I send it to some of my friends. Hope and Love Robynx


    • Of course you can share my poems, but please reference them to me. I will have my first book or poetry published by February. The Friends poem was written by my beautiful long time first ever nursing girlfriend Jacinta, and I love it too. I’ll let her know you love it too, just in case she doesn’t read your comment about it. xx


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