Life and watermelons

Life is like a watermelon, sweet and juicy with a few black seeds. Do the seeds represent opportunities or are they just there to annoy you? Such a deafening question, but surely one that is easily answered. Of course the seeds are opportunities, YOU just have to see them that way. As always, it is up to you. Make your mind up to be happy. Make your mind up to accept your ‘lot in life’. Only look within if you are troubled; the answer is always there, staring at you in the mirror. Don’t blame others… ever. And then one might ponder, is the thick skin of the watermelon there to protect you, or get in your way?  Surely it’s there to shade you from the sun, to protect you from the negatives in your world, to shield your heart and soul. These are my random thoughts today, spurred on by my Daily blog title and my goal to write something for it every day. It won’t be every day, well, it hasn’t been so far, but that can change. It is possible. The sun is still shining and it will once again be a beautiful day. Love it, live it, make every moment special.

The only thing missing in this global conversation is YOUR voice... Thank you.

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