The “Forget me not Award”

Some of my wonderful blog followers have nominated me for the Versatile Blogger and the Liebster Awards. Unfortunately I can’t find their blogs or replies on my blog to confirm them, thank them, or work out how to add them to my blog!! However I would like to salute a few of the blogs I like to read, and who all deserve at least one Award, which I am going to call the ‘Forget-me-not Award’. We all lead very busy lives, and so to make time to connect with each other, and to let each other know we are there, is significant. I think it says we as a society have been getting it wrong, and that in fact we want to be more personally connected more of the time. I think a bloggers party one day might be in order, so one of these days, don’t be surprised if I try to organise one!

I’ve tried to make a little comment about the blogs I am saluting, the first one I’ve even linked to a particular story for a real friend, and another link is to a story written about me by a wonderful young friend and newly inspired daily blogger. I would like to offer the Forget me not Award to the following bloggers… there is nothing you have to do to accept this, other than to feel really proud of the memories you are creating for your family and friends. You are inspiring me to keep writing too. Thank you. KB, this one is for especially for you! At least one new French word a day, plus a fabulous recipe.  This one was for me, thank you Eliza xx  Amazing iPhoneography stream. I think we should collaborate by producing a book of your most special photos that I write poems for?? One very amazing mum worrying about the important stuff. Great photos and an interesting bucket list.  How can we all live together? How do we photograph sound? Lots of lovely recipes, cookbooks, and other great stuff. Like me, writing a book and hating the ‘R’ word!  Very close to home. So you want to be a writer… here is some great help! Story about life in a box, and others, a newish blogger and friend. Lovely, she says it like she see it. Belated but not forgotten… and gratitude for your great blog.

I think about now, in honour of the other Awards, I should add 7 -10 facts or things about me! I’m not so sure about this, but I’m going for things you might not know about me.

  1. I always look on the bright side.
  2. My horse was named Trixie, and she loved to walk under the clothes line when my friends were on her back (it was a ‘post to post’ clothes line on our farm!)
  3. I am not ticklish, ever.
  4. Most days life is more than amazing.
  5. Although I’m emotionally tough, I am easily hurt.
  6. I would love to have been an astronaut and walk on the moon.
  7. I love ironing!
  8. If there was one person I would like to meet before I die, it is Nelson Mandela.
  9. If it was to be my last meal tonight, I’d probably go for fresh farm produced poached eggs on toast, dusted with sea salt and lots of freshly ground black pepper!
  10. I still dream of having a cafe, coffee and cake shop in Cuba

My life is very enriched by the experience of blogging, and my final comment is to thank Julie Powell for inspiring me. She won’t be reading this (I’m pretty sure about that), but I hope if she ever did, she’d enjoy the read. I looked up her blog recently, and felt overwhelmed by it. I’ve no idea why, as she is just like you and me, writing and living and loving, sharing recipes and food, and making lots of new online friends, as well as nurturing and sustaining our old friendships.

Ps. I forgot to say, please feel free to share this Forget me not Award with bloggers and friends who you think deserve it and would appreciate it. 🙂

22 thoughts on “The “Forget me not Award”

  1. Hi Kate, thank you so much for this beautiful award. I feel very honoured to be one the list of this very special award. The forget-me-nots running down the side of your blog are so calming!

    With regards to adding links I’m not sure you can do the neater version in the comments section, but if you want to add them into a blog post: type the name that you want the link to be in your post (for example The Digital Bookshelf); highlight the words; click on the little chain icon just above the text box (the 10th along from the left); paste in the full web address for the page you want to link to in URL; and click the blue add link button on the bottom right hand side of the box (I always check the open link in new page box as well). Hopefully that’s clear, but let me know if not!


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  3. Kate, how lovely! Thank you for including me on your list, I’m truly honoured and more especially because it’s a special Kate Swaffer Award that I have received. I too have had difficulty in adding other awards I have received to my blog, I find it rather complicated, so I’m glad that yours is accompanied by no obligations, apart possibly from continuing, as you do, to blog every day.
    No blog, however, as far as I’m concerned, is on a level with yours for content, quality and information about the life you are living. Thank you for that, Kate.


  4. Thank you Kate for not forgetting me and being an inspiration during an insecure time, I wish you lots of luck and writing success with your novel and hope the ‘R’ word doesn’t hold you back from sharing your written word with the world.
    – Miss Kitty Roads


  5. Lovely post, Kate, and thanks for including me in your list! I am honored. And even better, you have listed some blogs I haven’t see yet. I am extra thrilled to find the first two on your list, as I am learning French and can use all the French input I can get these days! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing.


  6. Did you know that someone once told me that the only industry that had more awards than the advertising industry was the p**n industry. Pretty closely related in some ways.


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