RIP Peter Watt (Dad) 1934 – 2012

Dad died peacefully this morning, whilst my dear husband was in transit on his way to be with him. Obviously we cannot predict when death is going to come knocking at our door, or that of someone we love, and we have to forgive ourselves if we are not ‘there’ for them. My husband has been there the last few days, and even though Dad has not been obviously aware of him, I feel sure the essence of him knew my husband, his eldest son, was there. I have cried many tears today, for the loss of someone I loved, as well as feeling terrible about not being there for dad, or for my dear husband and boys. The boys have been remarkable in their support, through their own grief and tears, and I do not have the words to express how much I love them. To my father in  law who I have called Dad for many years, may you rest in peace back in the arms of your beloved wife June who you lovingly called Smiler, my wonderful mother in law and Mum, who I still miss.

11 thoughts on “RIP Peter Watt (Dad) 1934 – 2012

  1. My dad George Endicott who was good friends with your parents in Goolwa wishes to send his condolences to you and your family.


  2. I’m so glad your DFIL went peacefully and surrouned by love. I used to subscribe to Dylan Thomas’ poem about fighting against the “dying of the light” but it is painful for the one who rails against their fate and everyone who loves them. As I keen ranter — we ranters can initiate change, even if only to see things get discussed and not dismissed — I hope I will have the dignity to go with grace, even if it means sucking on a bottle of gin.


  3. As you know Kate in your nursing days, they always leave when family are in transit, gone home to get a good nights sleep, left to get coffee. The gift to the family is to not be there, but to remember the love and the times. Sending cyber hugs & love to you, Pete & your two wonderful sons


  4. To my darling wife, the happiness you bought to my Mother and Father had to be seen to be believed. You were their daughter and friend, and no-one could have supported them and cared for them more. I’ll remember the last time I saw Dad with you, he only wanted to talk to you and who wouldn’t. I feel that he had been waiting for the last 7 years to be back with Mum.


    • What a beautiful tribute. Your father was so blessed to be so well loved by you and Kate. “May flights of angels sing (him) to (his) rest.” Hamlet


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