Dementia: A world view

“One of the greatest challenges of our time is what I’d call the quiet crisis, one that steals lives and tears at the hearts of families, but that relative to its impact is hardly acknowledged. We’ve got to treat this like the national crisis it is. We need an all-out fight-back against this disease; one that cuts across society.” Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking at the Alzheimer’s Society Conference, March 2012.

In a speech given on June 6, 2012,  Ita Buttrose, AO, OBE National President of Alzheimer’s Australia said, “Importantly, the government will take a proposal to the next meeting of Commonwealth and State Health Ministers in August to make dementia a National Health Priority which, if successful – and surely it will be – means that dementia will be added to the other eight major chronic diseases including cancer and heart disease.”

It seems the western world is becoming very united on the view that dementia is an increasing and significant issue, and it is heartening to be every so slightly involved in trying to improve the outcomes for people living with dementia, and those who support and love them. In the USA, in Europe and in New Zealand, they too are working towards making changes to policy, funding and the lives of the families facing this disease. It can at times be disheartening living with dementia, and hearing so many sad stories of the loss of lives caused by the disease, but it is also very encouraging to have a feeling that change is in the wind.

3 thoughts on “Dementia: A world view

  1. Hello, in the USA it is less a wind of change and more like an occasional puff of hot air. The goal of a cure pill/slow down the progress pill by 2025 has already been grossly underfunded for this year, and the most recent mark up of the budget bill for next year has earmarked no new money for Alzheimer’s, and a modest increase in our National Institute of Health’s budget.

    Yes, on a more person to person to level there is movement, but our Cities, Counties, States, and National Government are producing more hot air, less funds, and more promises.



    • Hello Richard, As I become more politically aware and active, I think I must agree with you. I have my fingers crossed it is not all hot air in Australia, as it sounds like a few positive changes to policy, funding and services are on their way. Fingers still crossed. My friends in the UK are also talking about being hopeful of real change, not just hot air. We all know, it will not be soon enough! Take care my friend. Kate


  2. I just wanted to say thankyou for your inspirational words this afternoon at the Seminar at UNI SA. You are an amazing, highly intelligent woman with so much to give to this world, to others. You have great courage, passion and humility, I admire you greatly.

    May you always find peace and happiness in all of your endeavours.


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