5 thoughts on “Dementia and social engagement

  1. Agree entirely-the earlier, the better, i say-the more opportunities people get when being diagnosed earlier-not just with dementia but other illnesses also.


  2. Kate – but given you (and I) are younger onset, people like taxi drivers and shop assistants probably wouldn’t believe us. We don’t look old enough to have dementia.

    I wwent to a younger onset meeting here and I was the youngest – 45 – and then next “youngest” was about 65 year old.

    Unfortunately I have serious fatigue problems (& a few others) that stop me being about to do things like volunteer …….. or even just leave the house for much. So social engagement for some people, including people like me, is really difficult. Really difficult.

    I’ve lost most friends and the few I have left are married with kids so I see them once a year in a group setting. I”m not married and don’t have kids so even when we meet up all they talk about is their kids. Rarely do they talk to me and ask me how I am etc (and I don’t say anything negative etc …… I’m very careful to not say terribly much ……….)

    Oh well……..

    Maybe this is something that can be mentioned in the younger onset paper that you’re writing …….. I look forward to hearing back from you when you start looking into it ……


    • PS – What I mean by this is that I’ve emailed you telling you that I’m interested in contributing to your paper ….. so we can discuss this when you start contacting people when you are writing it …….


      • Thanks Yolanda. As you say, it is hard to believe people who are young have dementia, and until we get to end stage, we definitely don’t look like we have it. I suspect many with older onset dementia have had years where they don’t look like they have it either, and probably haven’t been diagnosed anyway, it is just that younger people get very concerned when they start to notice the symptoms of dementia, especially when they get in the way of every day living and working. I’ll be on touch soon about the two projects I’m involved in… have just been too busy the last few weeks! Take care, Kate


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