A new blogging format

I’ve had two compliments on the new look of my blog, so thank you Eliza and Pete for that. It is always pleasing to hear positive remarks, but I’m sure there’ll be some who prefer the old format, or who hate both. As with a landslide election, it is hard to please everyone all of the time; even 50% is considered a landslide victory in an election. Not being upset by the negative comments, and instead relishing in them, and more importantly learning from them is my goal. Being confident in my own ability to keep them all in perspective and not allow them to make me sway from what it is I am trying to do, and also not allowing the positive ones make me too cocky!

One piece of feedback this week is my blogs are not so easy to read for someone with dementia, as they are most often one big post and not broken into paragraphs. Doh… I have dementia, but hadn’t thought of this!!! It is so true, and I am going to try to put my ideas into shorter paragraphs. Thank you Y. Writing a blog has become more difficult anyway, so this may mean it takes me a bit longer, but if they become more dementia friendly, they will fit better with my goal of one day having dementia friendly communities.

On Friday of last week, I attended a Better Practice conference at the Adelaide Hilton put on by the Aged Care and Accreditation Standards Agency, although only stayed for half a day as was not feeling so well. There were a number of wonderful speakers, including Christine Bryden talking about being locked in prison in aged care, and dementia care units. She was as always insightful and eloquent, and her presentation fitted perfectly with my blog Locked in Prison. Two other topics were ‘How to measure quality – is it really possible? and ‘Treasuring Complaints – 5 top tips”. The presenters were passionate about really improving the care of people in residential aged care, which again is very refreshing. I’ll add a précis of these talks soon.

What I am finding at conferences and forums about improving services or care in the area aged and dementia care is that most people who attend are already committed to trying to do this, and the ones who need to do it, never attend. This remains a concern for organisations such as the Accreditation Agency, and should be a concern to consumers. Maybe more spot checks in the middle of the night or on a Saturday afternoon to some of those facilities would help!!?? There is another blog in that topic too, that’s for sure!

3 thoughts on “A new blogging format

  1. Another wonderful blog Kate.They make my day and serve to reinforce my commitment to improve the lives of those with dementia in aged ‘care’ facilities. My mother was in a High Care locked ward because she wandered when she went in. The actual ward was lovely but she felt like a prisoner.

    We leave for overseas on Friday but I shall endeavour to log on somewhere to read your blogs. I look forward to catching up when we return.

    I too love your beautiful blue flowers.


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