Getting your house in order

After reading the following blog which came into my inbox early this morning, it follows perfectly on from my blog yesterday about the impact of not getting your end of life issues organised, and I felt it important to reblog. The other thing is it is written by a wonderful woman caring for her parents, and shows the other side of the story and how difficult it is for our loved ones if we don’t do it. Organising for the end of your life may be difficult to face, but not doing it is so unfair on your loved ones. So read Kay’s blog, Getting your house in order before there is a diagnosis of dementia. Thanks Kay.


3 thoughts on “Getting your house in order

  1. “End of life” actually applies to everyone. Your blog has pulled me up short. Not only dementia but any illness or accident can cause grief if we are not prepared. I have been motivated to print the list and tick all the boxes as soon as possible. Wills and all the legal stuff has been done, but there is a lot more to family, life, and relationships than that, as shown by this list.


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