Take a Nana nap

On the way home from Canberra last night, having been there to attend and present at the National Dementia Research Forum, I wondered if the toll these activities are taking on me is too great. I’ve also been feeling like stopping blogging, or making it a weekly digest, rather than a daily one. Thinking and functioning is definitely getting a bit harder, and the legs of that calm swan are paddling much faster. All I could think of all of today to write for my blog was ‘What the hell happened to my brain?’, which I had written following the ADI conference in London. When I packed for my trip, I forgot my medication, and a few other things I needed to take with me, and then at lunch time today, I lost the tablets I had taken off the Webster pack to be taken at midday!

This morning I mentioned to my dear husband I was going to give up speaking out and presenting, and for most of the day I have had absolutely nothing to say, it has been one big blank space. Also, we had a 5-year-old birthday party at 9am, and a few other visits and some shopping to do, so not a lot of time to blog as I didn’t get up at my usual time. My DH feels it would be a bad thing to stop all my activities, as has seen what happens when I do relax for a few days in a row. My dear friends Jacinta and Craig can also testify to this!! The focus required to keep the words coming out, and to type them into the PC is increasing. My spelling and grammar is much worse, and it is taking me a lot longer to make things legible, although having spellcheck is a major bonus.

Anyway, back to what I started to write about! Yesterday a delightful gentleman presented a paper about MCI (mild cognitive impairment) and his advice was if you are having trouble focusing on a task, or feel tired, then simply go and have a nap. So simple!! He admitted with a wry smile that he has started to do this about 5 years – he is now 80 years old!! I decided to take his advice, and viola, I have renewed some of my thinking and writing skills. So at about 3.30pm today, I went upstairs and had a Nana nap. Since getting up, I have now managed to complete this, add the daily recipe and have a quick chat in my global kitchen, and even send an email to friends in the UK. I think there are going to be days ahead when I have a Nana nap at 10am and again in the afternoon, but hey, if it helps, why the hell not!!

13 thoughts on “Take a Nana nap

  1. Hi Kate,

    I was at the Forum and it was hard work for all of us…These events are fantastic, but exhausting – (even if we weren’t presenting as you were), so please don’t let them get in the way of what is important to you on a daily basis.

    As for Nana naps I swear by them and have done ever since the days of split shifts when I used to nurse (in the late 60s). Take care.


  2. and now my voice, thanks for the mention in the above blog haha yes we do remember how you forgot craigs name, it was so funny tho, and you laugh when we mention it all the time.As for nana naps go for it girl, i have them occasionally to especially 3 or 4ish just sitting around reading and the eyes get very tired that time of day ha. im sure if you do happen to miss a day or 2 or even 3, you will just have that much more to say when you do blog again. hope the 5 yr old party went well. to the moon and back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  3. Don’t feel obliged to have everything perfect either. Most people who take the time to read your blog aren’t going to care if it’s short, or has a couple of mistakes in it. Many people these days don’t even consider proof reading or checking their work before they publish, especially online!


    • Thanks for your encouragement Kristy… I detest it when I read mistakes in print, online or otherwise, and do find them on my site too, which is even more annoying!! I’ve always been a stickler for spelling and grammar, so it is hard to let go of that. No doubt I’ll lose the ability to notice one of these days???


  4. kate – I’m a seasoned expert in what you’re talking about and going through 😉

    My day and my week and life in general is governed by “pacing”.

    It’s good that you’re going to be having some naps, but another tip is to not plan so much

    – physically, and
    – mentally

    for each day.

    The day you went out – a kids birthday party, some other visits and some shopping ….. wow! I think that is definately too much to do in one day! the birthday party alone would have been enough for the day. Know what I mean? (please don’t hate me for saying this ….. I’m just talking from 15 years of experience)

    I didn’t know that you also kept another blog …… actually, I think I DID know but I’d forgotten …… your cooking blog 🙂

    Rather than stop both, another way of looking at it is to just change the way you do both of them.

    eg. your dementia blog can be shorter …. maybe written more colloquially and “to the point’ so you are spending less time on it. It’s just a different way of writing … there’s nothing bad about it, just different technique of writing.

    Please don’t hate me for mentioning the above …. I find that I get a lot of different ideas about things by “talking them through” and this is what this blog reply is doing. Just “chatting” about it. Know what I mean ? So please don’t hate me!!!

    If you want to “talk” more about it just email me a quick note and I’ll explain more.


    • Thanks for the lovely chat… why would you think I owuld hate you for yourthoughts and wise advice??!! Your ideas are good ones, and I like toe term pacing, which I had forgotten about, and it is defintely something I need to do more of. And I’ve been wondering how to change my daily writings to make them less burdensome, rather than quit, and had thought of making them shorter as you have suggested. Sharing you rideas helps me enormously, so THANK YOU 😉


  5. I have always believed in the nanna nap, as a single mother, my mother who had 6 kids, said if you can sleep when they sleep, this is great as you can do long hours if they stay awake at night.. I have never not taken this advice. Now she is older and lives in Adelaide I have to do km’s travelling to Adelaide & Back, I have even pulled over into truck stops and had a sleep so that I can arrive late but alert & aware of my surroundings. It does refresh the brain, keep it up, it is a good practice, stay well my friend xxx


    • I used to do it too, but the last few years becasue my sleep is disrupted so much, I stopped doing it to make myself more tired at night. But back to the nana naps I go… obviously needed a reminder!!


  6. You jolly well take as many nana naps as you need. You deserve all of them! A five year old’s birthday party at 9am???? That sounds like hell to me! Not even an excuse to have a restorative drink until noon!


  7. Please dont stop blogging. I, for one do not care if things are incorrectly, spelt or not in the right order. In fact it will make me feel more at ease with my own imperfections! So yes take a nap, but carry on, and on, and on. Keep fighting, keep blogging..


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