Lost to dementia or WordPress?

Melatonin and ExerciseA couple of weeks ago I ‘lost’ a blog post, and the day after I asked for someone to tell me if they had received it, and thankfully one lovely friend (DR) sent me the email she received into her Inbox, so I actually have proof of it!!

But where the hell did it go, and how did it disappear?! It is not in my Trash bin, or my deleted folder, or anywhere else. It’s not even in my Draft folder. I do recall having difficulty embedding the video, and was sure I had posted the blog with just the website link… but it is nowhere to be seen, other than in my friends Inbox! Such is my new life!

Perhaps I’ll repost it some day, but trying to embed video links is proving too much for me lately. I’m now having trouble with keys and opening doors, and increasing difficulty with remembering my pin number, or what to do in the shower, or how to get dressed. These things are definitely disconcerting, and when they happen in front of my dear husband, it is like slapping him across the face with a decaying dead fish.

We are working hard to delay the symptoms of dementia, even though the words of a ‘caring’ RN last year keep ringing in my ears… ‘It [dementia] will get you in the end!’ As my boys used to say when they were teenagers, ‘Whatever…’

8 thoughts on “Lost to dementia or WordPress?

  1. I agree with Robyn ……. I’m sorry it’s getting harder for you. But I think it’s necessary that you post about your day to day life and what you can and can’t do so we can fully understand what you’re going through ……. otherwise all your wise words every day totally hide what is really happening for you.


  2. ‘Whatever’ is a very under-rated word, Kate. I love it. It can save all manner of clever arguments. Your post yesterday about what is really important in life was wonderful and, as always, shows wonderful insights. Far easier to blame WordPress here – perhaps a bit like Twitter automatically and unpredictably “unfollowing” people. Annoying though! 🙂


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