7 thoughts on “Young Onset Dementia – Keith Oliver’s Story

  1. Wow, what an amazing video, Kate-thanks for sharing. I loved every moment of it-and what a wonderful man Keith-he says such wise words-and gives us some great messages there. I love Keith’s attitude-and his wife sounds like a wonderful woman. Good on Keith for sharing his story and raising awareness about the disease, and like you, Kate-he has great strategies on how to cope with the disease. I really admire Keith going to the GP to check out what was wrong with him before his “official” diagnosis of Alzhiermers-a very very important and vital message.


  2. Wonderful soul 🙂 One thing struck me…He spoke about how his emotions erupt now and bring tears. I would imagine when you have something such as dementia one tends to see everything that is happening in relation to having that disease. Not everything may be dementia related though Kate. I hope the two of you remember that. Many, many people who are experiencing the human shift in consciousness and opening their hearts are feeling this same emotions. You know this from all I write about and we discuss. I would hope you catch yourself trying to put the dementia label on everything you are experiencing! It may well be just humanity shifting 🙂 Don’t give it the power to be the reason for everything!!!! Thanks for sharing this video. My love to you and Keith…..Blessings….VK


    • Good point VK… The issue for me is often now my tears or emotions are inappropriate, which is very disconcerting for others, and then for me when I gain insight. We just keep living as best we can. X


  3. A fantastic video. Like you Kate, Keith presents so well that people would find it hard to believe that either of you have anything wrong. However it is only when you realise how hard you both paddle to keep performing at the level you both do.

    Meeting Keith and his wife for coffee when they were in Adelaide was great. It is when you talk to people who are travelling down the same road as us that you realise that we are not alone.


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