The Tangled Tentacles of your Digital Footprint, by Kay Bransford

Reblogged from A Day in the Life of Dementia It is well worth reading, and is so valuable the best thing to do was to reblog it. Thanks Kay for your continued wisdom, and especially for your willingness to share what you learn on your journey of caring for your parents.

The Tangled Tentacles of your Digital Footprint

Posted by Kay Bransford on May 3, 2013

digital-print Last month, Google announced the provision for an inactive account manager. This offers a reasonable solution to the standard online user agreements that only allow one user and lock your account after inactivity. Bravo to Google who is the first to address this under-served need.

This is a larger issue for all of us and I will guess you may not have realized how this impacts your day-to-day life. It’s one of the biggest pain points my clients have faced when a loved one is incapacitated — if even only temporarily. But on a daily basis I speak with individuals who were unaware of how those user agreements might impact your digital account access.

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