On right or wrong…

Sometimes we are so caught up in who’s right and who’s wrong that we forget what’s right and wrong…

We’ve all been caught up by that mistake, and as I listen more these days and often hear others so who are set on being right about a situation or issue with another person or organisation, it is hurting them. It almost never hurts the person they think is wrong, only themselves. I’ve been on that same boat many times, and can vouch for that fact; it has hurt me. There is no right or wrong when it comes to what you think about an issue or topic. There is a right way to do many things, for example mechanical or electrical, or how to bake a cake.

Yet most of the time, ‘This is my way, what’s your way? There is no wrong way.’ seems to be the most appropriate. This cartoon spoke clearly to me today.


7 thoughts on “On right or wrong…

  1. I’m amazed that people have taken this topic to mean something political instead of just the way we generally treat and talk to each other. In western society that is generally based on either being right or wrong, people use being right or having being slighted by someone who is clearly in their eyes wrong as justifying them as a ‘good’ person. I didn’t know my brother’s sister had such an impact on you.

    Love you forever. BUB.


    • hahaha… but I must add in here for the sake of possible mis-interpretation, my DH is not talking about his brother’s sister (they do not have one), it is an in-house joke!! And, I was referring more to what we hear when sitting around in a group at a coffee shop, when so many discuss their opinions about any and everything as if they are the only ones who are right, as well as the judgement against or for others, based on whether we agree with their opinions or not. It is truly complicated, and I’m not sure I understand any of it!!!


  2. Margaret Thatcher was brought up to believe her views on politics, religion and society were the ONLY correct opinions. She may have become PM but widely loved, no — not that she cared a fig how people reacted, or the harm she caused. Says a lot about how such determinedly one-eyed views can diminish individuals and society.


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