One small act

ripple effect 3The act of one person with dementia has become the act of many around the world, now causing such a united ripple effect for change there should be no going back. Of course, there will always be the case of two steps forward, and one backwards occasionally, but as there are now so many people without dementia on the same team as those people living with a diagnosis of dementia, the path towards equal rights is getting closer. It is exciting to be living to see change in progress.

Every single act, no matter how small, creates a ripple or adds to a ripple already started and the logical end has to be change. The first two days of the conference last week were so totally exclusive of people with dementia, they worked in our favour and brilliantly highlighted to the majority of the delegates the error of exclusion. This caused some of our leaders to bring about changes on the third day, making it for many, the best day of the conference. For the people with dementia, it cemented our resolve to work together as a team, beyond egos or other agendas, and give this group a voice.

In this same way every small act of kindness changes something or someone for the better. When we were away recently, on day 3 I decided to leave a note each day saying thank you to the staff who cleaned our hotel room and made the bed, and each day from there on, they left us a note which ended with a happy face. One small act changed someone else’s day for the better, even if only for a single moment. So go about your day, create change whenever you can, even if only to help someone else have one happier moment.

3 thoughts on “One small act

  1. Right on Kate! It takes little effort to change the world one step at a time, we just have to make that effort. Good for you! Loved the notes you left.Keep it going my friend….Happy week to you….Blessings and love…VK


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