Impossible = I’m possible

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm Possible

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible

Impossible really says I’m possible…

From small acts of kindness through to small steps towards fighting for change comes great things. People feel better if we treat them well or do one small thing to brighten their day, simple things like leaving a note inside a child’s or husband’s lunch box telling them they are special, or smiling at a stranger on a bus. When we feel cheerful and happy, nothing seems impossible. No longer does it seem impossible to win the battle for human rights and equality for people with dementia. I know there is a long road still to walk, and we will probably still stumble and come up against seemingly insurmountable hurdles, but positive progress is becoming a reality faster than I had dared to imagine.

Smile more often, be kinder to others, love yourself more, and remember nothing is impossible.

3 thoughts on “Impossible = I’m possible

  1. Love it! Great positive message my friend….I love the impossible= I’m possible! Great stuff. Have a great day and keep being the wonderful you that you are 🙂 love and hugs….VK

  2. Hello and welcome to the club. I too tried my best to change the world and failed. Frustrated I continued to speak out and speak up and realized that my speaking was touching/changing many people who heard me.
    Their emails which flood my email box everyday reinforce my belief and feeling that one person at a time, one hand shake, one moment listening to someone’s story can and does make a difference in many lives.

    Stop worrying about what is and what is not possible and as you say “be yourself.” You are a gift to your family and to those who hear and read your thoughts. Don’t stop!


    • My dear friend and kindred spirit… you did not fail, you have most definitely helped to change the world. YOU are the reason I have continued to advocate and stand up and speak out. Thank you, and it is so wonderful to have you back and reaching out. Blessings to you and yours xox

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