Saturday poem


A day of mourning

Milestones on the road to death

Every cell of the body starting to fade

And yet the human spirit prevails

The heart keeps throbbing, defiantly…

One whole week struggling against another setback

A life well lived, but trying to hold on

His incredible intellect and humour

Wanting to let go, not quite knowing how

Trying to protect us all from the pain of his death

The reality and starkness of life without him

We will miss you my friend…

Rest in peace Michael John Stone.

4 thoughts on “Saturday poem

  1. Use his death as your strength to fight harder Kate and not let your own lights dim out. Give yourself a boost charge of electricity and rev up your engine. You are on a precarious journey and it is dangerous to stop and fall into sorrows clutches for too long. I am going to keep dangling the new world carrot in front of you every chance I get as that is the reality and it is filled with hope. Hold on to it! Blessings and love your way…VK


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