Saturday poem: Ode to Michael

Todays beautiful poem was written by Brian Richardson © May 2013. There seemed little point trying to write another one. He was to Michael a very dear friend and colleague, and it is to be read out at his funeral today at 1pm. Rest in peace my dear friend, we bid you a fond farewell. You will forever be in our hearts.

Ode to Michael Stone

Oh dear friend you’ve left us

You’ve slipped away and gone

But your smile and wit

Will be remembered

From now til a long time on


An English rose transplanted here to sunny Oz,

Brought wisdom wit and style

A project here another there

And pondering all the while


Where next could he plant a seed?

To make an idea grow

Who else could he inspire?

With his enthusiasm to always aspire

To suggest to lead to


A firm but gentle handshake,

And pondering all the while

A wide grin and bright eyes

Teamed with his friendly smile


I came to visit the other day

And I found resting there

But alas the smile had gone

And we didn’t know to where you must have packed it

To take with you on your next adventure

Where ever that might be


I wonder where you’ve gone

I hope it’s a better place

Where again you’ll use your happy smile

To set the world a pace and

To be a saving grace


They have moved you

Out to valley view

A single room with a plasma

Tuned to ABC Jazz


Michael, let us all remember you

As a happy go lucky guy

Making a trail for others

With oh such style


Farewell we bid you,

Go quietly to tomorrow

Go in peace, not in sorrow

But until we meet again…


4 thoughts on “Saturday poem: Ode to Michael

    • Dearest Jenny, We will farewell your dear brother to the best of our ability, and hope to honour the very beautiful person and friend he has been to us all. With love and blessings… xox

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