Tuesday humour: homework

I realised after posting my blog the last few Tuesdays I had forgotten about this new theme, so have been searching the recesses of my books, notes and numerous brains (BUB, and others) to find something to write about that is even remotely humorous, and possibly a welcome relief from the relentless sadness of the last few weeks. So what then, will I write about?

image011In my search, I came across this great piece of homework, which reminded me of my stepson when he was in primary school! Art and drawing oozed out of the pores of this delightful child, and images often sufficed as, or complemented his homework. He had a unique way of encouraging the teachers to accept his work with humour and affection, and although he probably hated school, he managed to get through.

The one story I feel game to tell here is the summer day I picked him up from school, and there he was, standing in the street near the pick up zone, with his little grey shorts, grey socks, his shoes, and his white singlet on… and no blue shirt. When inquiring about the whereabouts of the shirt, all I could get was an ‘I don’t know,’ and to this day, none of us know what happened to that shirt! When he was much younger, his father who was at that time a single dad, forgot it was a Saturday and took him to school; his homework reflected it the next week with a comment in his workbook, ‘My dad is a dick!’ Feel free to share your funny stories here too!

10 thoughts on “Tuesday humour: homework

  1. The epitome of a free spirit…Takes after my own heart. I love it!!! And I love Perry as well…So glad the teacher acknowledged Perry….Great story. Thanks! VK xxoo


  2. Funny stuff Kate!
    My dear eight year old son proudly told me yesterday that he led the class in prayer in the morning. When I asked what he prayed for he said, ” that the economy stops being hard on my mum and dad’s business and if my mum has to get a job, we get a holiday out of it!!” I bet his teacher had a good laugh!!!


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