The power of poetry

Some months ago I entered a poetry competition, submitting three unpublished poems for consideration. I had completely forgotten about my entry, I feel proud today to be amongst the 20 selected winners, even though writing poetry and becoming a poet was never on my list of things to do…  These days, I find it a therapeutic, relaxing, and an entirely enjoyable activity. My high school English teacher Mrs Spriggs would be thrilled to know one of  her students has done something, albeit accidentally, with creative writing of some kind. Mostly we mucked around in her class, having rather a lot of trouble concentrating on Shakespeare or poetry, constantly testing her patience and sense of humour!!! In hindsight, she was a dream teacher, instilling a sense of language and literature in many of us, and having a decent amount of humanity as she drove a bus load of us to the funeral of one of our class mates who had died of cancer in about year 9. It seems to me now that Mrs Spriggs was right: the power of verse was and is universal.

This is the email I received from Sibella Magazine;



Poetry To Set the Soul Aflame

Hi Kate:


Our editors have selected YOU as one of twenty poets chosen to have your poetry published for an entire year inside the pages of our forthcoming 2014 Sibella Poetry Magazine publication. Yeah!!!

Kate, your poetry is absolutely beautiful and so profound. The words and phrasing are written in such a graceful tone that definitely merits publication. Inspired by the three poems you sent in, the editorial staff feel your original works deserve to be showcased on both a national and international level; which is exactly what Sibella Poetry Magazine will give you — an international showcase platform.

Keep in mind, as we publish your poems inside each bimonthly issue (6 for the year), your poetry will automatically become accessible not only to our online readership, consisting of some 22,000+ women readers, but also to an international audience – expanding your poems reach into spaces that up until now, you could only dream of.  Beyond the USA. Canada, Australia, England, Africa, Uruguay, Ireland, Buenos Aires, Dominican Republic and more …

PLUS, becoming an internationally acclaimed poet allows you to share and promote yourself on an entirely different level; allowing your works to become even more visible than ever before. Yes, this is absolutely a door-opening moment for your writing talents to grow a larger following.”

The next step for me is to write 8 more poems for the magazine to choose from for publication in their six 2014 publications!

8 thoughts on “The power of poetry

  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is just fantastic Kate. I am so proud of you and yes it shows you/us that when we make the effort good things happen. If we don’t try things we will never know. So very glad for you my friend. Sending love and hugs your way today…And always….VK

  2. congratulations, what a wonderful accolade they given to you, am so proud of you as always, an inspiration as always dear one, to the moon and back xxxx

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