Saturday poem: Alone




In a crowded room

An isolated hallway

Inside a dementia ward


He sat staring out through the window

Hoping for glimpses of humanity

Praying it would all end


Leaving the other residents he slid down the wall

Wishing for peace and comfort

Desperation inside his heart

All alone

6 thoughts on “Saturday poem: Alone

  1. Beautiful, just beautiful.

    It is a shame that we can be surrounded by people and still be lonely. I tried to visit my partner in the nursing home as often as possible because I didn’t want her to think she was alone. The irony is that nursing staff didnt see loneliness on all the other residents faces.


  2. Remember my friend, that our thoughts create our reality! Please see yourself as getting better and not fearing what you have written about! Do not create that! I see you finding new ways to vastly improve and learn to live with D on an acceptable level….Sending love and hugs….VK


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