Tuesday humour: 10 things to do in K-Mart

a smileMany years ago an email did the rounds titled “10 things to do in K-Mart”, which I perhaps stupidly shared with my young teenage sons. Our family has an unusual sense of humour, and this seemed like a bit of good old fashioned fun!! It consisted of activities like this:

  • hiding inside a rack of clothes, and when a customer was looking through the rack, to pop your head out and exclaim “Pick me!”
  • purchase a Chub-a-chub, but ask for a Layby (they only cost about 90 cents)
  • hide in a change room, and after a few minutes, yell out for toilet paper
  • take a pillow and blanket and set yourself up inside the display tent
  • set the alarm clocks to go off a 10 minute intervals

On a weekend staying with their grandparents, my sons were taken to a neighbouring town to go shopping, and of course, one of them decided to try a few of these ‘activities’. Grandad did not have very much patience at the best of times, but when one son decided to try the Layby trick at the check out, and was refused, and then argued with the manager because there was a large sign clearly stating there “90 Day interest Layby available”, he started to fume…

It took Grandad every ounce of energy not to drag him out of the shop and give him an old fashioned hiding, and Nanny every ounce of en energy not to burst out laughing!!! Life is meant for laughing, and this has certainly amused us over the years.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday humour: 10 things to do in K-Mart

  1. You are so right Kate…We have been trained over time to be serious and to accept the fact that life is not meant to be fun. Time to change all of that! Time to realize we were sold a bill of goods and none of it was truth. It is past time we all start doing what makes us laugh and feel light and bring humor to those around us. Most of us have forgotten how to laugh. This is our new project. Learning all over how to laugh and have fun. Be well friend…Love….VK


    • Life has to be fun some of the time… Dad used to say something like, ‘only act serious/grown up when you have to, and have fun the rest of the time’, very good advice! Love and hugs…


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