Saturday poem: Friendship

lauging dog


Weekends full of friends

Friendship filling the hallways

With laughter love and kinship

That outweighs forgetfulness

Photographs of days gone by

Of children all grown up

Nappies teething rings and toddlers

Transformed by the years

Into brilliant young men and women

Fulfilling their own dreams and spaces

Reminding us we are getting old

Laughter transforming our hearts

Filling our souls with love

The ghosts of our youth

Hidden by the wisdom of those stories

Gently moving us into maturity

Like a good red wine or an old red rose

Beauty abundantly residing within

The arteries of our hearts

4 thoughts on “Saturday poem: Friendship

  1. Wonderful my friend….So well put! So glad you are a friend in my life. Have a wonderful weekend…Blessings and love…..VK


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