TGIFMany years ago whilst still working in operating theatres, TGIF was talked about so much, I used to embroider it onto ties for people to give as gifts to their boyfriends or husbands. This was when sewing took up a lot of my recreational time, that is, B.C. (before children)!

My dear husband loves Fridays too, especially if it’s a long weekend with Monday as a day off as well. It means we have more time together too, so I’m also rather fond of them!

I wonder though, why we don’t treat every day as a Friday, and savour it just as much. Maybe that is something I can add to my list of gifts from a diagnosis of dementia…

These days, Fridays are no more or no less fun than any other day, although I find the chatter on social media is a bit less, and I miss it! Who would have thought the girl who thought twitter was only for twits now tweets!!!

So for everyone out there (including those of you saying out loud or to yourselves, Thank God It’s Friday), have a wonderful weekend, but I hope next week is just as much fun.


8 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Kate – I try to just “enjoy the moment” ….. whatever the day.

    The only difference is when the TV or radiio is covered with football or cricket ……. then it’s very difficult to “enjoy the moment” ….. especially when I’m in bed resting for 2 hours and there’s only rugby league on the radio, or if it’s taking me 2+ hours to fall asleep and instead of listening to the lovely and stress-free ABC overnights program I only have the talkbacks talking about politics or music stations that I don’t like too much …. oh well. Things could be worse 😉


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