May El-Khalil: Founder of the Beirut Marathon

It is 50 years since the inspirational speech ‘I have a dream‘ by Martin Luther King, and in memory of him, I decided to add this TED talk as my blog today. May El-Khalil is the founder of the Beirut Marathon, and her personal story, and her dream to make one day a year at peace is also incredibly inspirational. To have one day a year where the firing of a gun is not for the purpose of killing, in a country where war and killing is happening every day is a remarkable idea. My marathon running friends would surely agree!! Of course, the Boston Marathon had its own horrific terrorism attack earlier this year, but perhaps marathons are one way of creating change from war to peace? If you have time, consider tuning in to May El-Khalil.

The only thing missing in this global conversation is YOUR voice... Thank you.

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