DPS News: Rock ‘n’ roll in aged care

I’m extremely busy today with visitors, meetings and a cat that is still not well, and rather than complete one of my own draft blogs, decided this very inspiring story in the DPS News yesterday was very worthy of re-blogging. My husband would love this aged care facility (the music, maybe not the dancing??!!), but I suspect I’d be running away as despite my age, rock and roll is definitely not my type of music! Maybe I would eventually be tempted eventually based on the fact some friends believe I’m getting younger and more fashionable as I age…

Rock ‘n’ roll in aged care

Rock 'n' roll in aged care
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Queensland Logan local Pat, 73, is a senior citizen with attitude – taking weekly line dancing and rock and roll classes with residents at Trinder Park Rest Home in Woodridge.

With music blasting from the likes of Bill Haley and the Comets, Fats Domino and big band favourites from the 1940s and 50s, Pat said it’s pretty easy to get the group doing the “RSL shuffle”.

“Dancing tends to relax people and you see them smile, that’s the best bit,’’ he said.

“You can see the enjoyment they are having and if they know the words they sing along.’’

The dancers get dressed up in glittery rock and roll skirts, the men in costume shirts.

Pat was awarded the Logan Senior Citizen of the Year last year for his community work.

He is the same age as some of the residents at Trinder Park and loves that he can offer a way to tap into people’s pleasures, their memory and promote movement, all while having a good time.

Pat is a regular at the service’s allied health podiatry clinic and approached the service about holding a regular class a few years ago.

“I was going to Trinder Park to get my feet done and I just suggested I take on some rock and roll classes,’’ he said.

Pat took up dancing in 1994 after a long break and has never looked back.

Trinder Park’s lifestyle and volunteer coordinator, Leona Counsell, said the costumes helped the residents get into the groove.

“For a lot of the elderly, dancing was a form of regular entertainment, they love to have their dance card full!”

Another story about dancing… Dance,art boost memories for Alzheimer’s patients

6 thoughts on “DPS News: Rock ‘n’ roll in aged care

  1. What a wonderful man he is, Kate, and what a wonderful article-thanks for sharing. Very inspring-he is making a huge difference, like you are, to the community, especially the elderly. I am useless at dancing, so i definetly won’t be taking dance class, to help out-my dance moves are awkard-LOL! I recently googled some dementia programmes, and i found at dancing one in Auckland.


  2. Just stumbled across this article. Just a bit of an update we are still rock & rolling with pat at Trinder Park but at a slower pace. The residents are still enjoying the music


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